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Find out more about our ambitious projects.


In Italy UNWINED selects, imports and exports natural and artisanal wines from the best producers.  In Malaysia UNWINED is an importer, distributor, retailer, wine shop, wine bar and restaurant. Unwined was born from the passion for wine made well. In 2021 it begins its first steps under the guidance of Paeonia Resources s.r.l. (Italian-Malaysian joint venture) with the aim of promoting, starting from Malaysia also in the rest of Asia, the concept and idea of natural and artisanal wine as well as making the best Italian and natural wine labels available to the Malaysian market. Europeans. From the selection of labels in Italy, up to the serving in Malaysia. UNWINED is the partner who will accompany your bottles on the journey from your cellar to the tables of the best venues from Kuala to Borneo!


Green Magnolia is also a partner of Società Agricola s.r.l., the first brick of the group established in 2020, and focused on the production of natural and artisanal wines on Lake Garda. 


To understand what it means to make natural wine, we first chose to put ourselves to the test. Thanks to our wine, Sunawi, we are able to communicate with our partners by putting ourselves on the same level, understanding how their wine is not just wine, but the transfer of a wealth of values of effort, sacrifices, passions, the mirror of their history and their identity. Just like Sunawi is for us. We strongly believe that the only current way of making wine is the natural one, respecting who we are, our territory and respecting those who will come after us. 


It is a partner of Georgina, a professional 35-litre stainless steel pressure cooker, built by IDM, Taiwan, of which it deals with the importation into Italy and Europe, related marketing activities, logistics and sales activities

retail and wholesale.

Green Magnolia welcomes and faces even the most difficult challenges, studies and explores new projects with the desire to always keep up with current market demands. Being attentive to the changing world is our prerogative. This is why we believed and believe in Georgina, a unique pressure cooker in terms of capacity, thanks to which we can save time, energy resources and money, in an increasingly evolving world and in constant search for new perspectives.

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